***Flygirl Fridays***

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to take a course called "Flying Lessons" given by a very talented artist - Kelly Rae Roberts. It was an excellent course that covered such topics as letting go of yours fears, going after your true passion, and many other things. One of the best things about the course was, I got meet and learn about a lot of talented artists, all in on different paths, but all working towards making their dreams come true and learning to take flight. Flygirl Fridays is all about these wonderfully talented people and a little bit about them, so you can get to know them as well!
Please Join me in welcoming
Lynda Metcalf!
Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
My name is Lynda Metcalf. I'm a wife, a mom of two wonderful children and an artist. Before getting married and having kids a few years ago I tried my hand at a mural/faux finish painting business. It never really took off. Now I'm immersing myself in art again and exploring mixed media.
What is something that you really love, and why?
 I love painting. I find it to be very forgiving as you can always paint over something you don't like. I also like the versatility of it. There is so much you can do with paint. I learned some very fun effects back in my faux finish days. And I love all the exciting products that are out there now that create paint effects like the Caran D'ache water soluble crayons and Inktense Pencils. I also love photography. My iPhone gets used a lot.

What would your dream project be?
I want to find my style. I have been taking a lot of e-courses and learning various techniques but, my projects look like the instructing artist's work. I want to adapt what I learn and make it my own. I also would like to somehow tie my photography into my art. I'm still experimenting with that. Eventually (sometime this summer I hope) I want to open an Etsy shop.
What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received?
I think it may be the saying "Leap and the net will appear". Sometimes you have to just go for it. Trust your gut and take a chance. Maybe that's why I like painting and creating so much. On some level you are always taking a chance that this project is going to be an epic failure. I'm not afraid of that. Sure, I may get frustrated and I have been known to toss something I really don't like, but I don't give up. I get out my frustration, then I get out the white paint. Almost any failure can be turned into a success. I also try to be aware of what "excites" me. What artist or technique makes my heart skip a beat? If I get that kind of feeling from someone or something I know I have to research it some more.
Where does your inspiration come from?
I think illustration has always inspired me. I love the Disney animated films. I collect children's books. I'm almost always drawn to whimsy. Nature is also a big inspiration for me. Walks in the woods. I have bird feeders. Eventually I want a nice butterfly garden. Nature often inspires my photography. I try and capture the light, color or texture you find in nature.
What do you think is the biggest thing holding you back?
Right now, it's lack of time. Being a stay-at-home mom of two kids (ages 4 and almost 3) is a huge job. I have a difficult time getting into the studio to paint uninterrupted so I have to limit my projects to short ones. I'm teaching myself to draw and that is easy to squeeze in. I'm also giving working on multiple projects a go to see how that works out. I just can't seem to create product for a store at this time so I'm choosing to educate myself. Choosing to learn takes the pressure off and I can enjoy the process.
What change do you think would most help your business grow?
When I get my kids in pre-school in the fall. I'm looking into the options now. There are lots of summer camps for the pre-school age too. If I can manage a regular schedule I can hopefully get a steady groove going. I'm also trying to figure out a way to paint with my kids. It has yet to be successful. They need my help a lot so, I'm not getting a turn to paint. I keep trying to teach them about taking turns! Maybe I just need a big lazy susan for us to put a canvas on and we just spin it around taking a turn painting. That actually might be fun!
What’s the biggest thing that you took with you from Flying Lessons?
The biggest thing and probably the most valuable is all my new friends. It is so wonderful to be in this community of creative women. Everyone is at different stages in their business. Some are published or have licensed their work. Some have Etsy shops and have been blogging for years. And some of us are still learning or just dipping our toes in the water. We all support each other no matter what stage we are in. I also think we are all open to learning from each other. The support and the openness of this group really squashes any fears that may come up. Fears and doubt get smothered by our positive voices. Our Facebook group is the best place to go when your day is wonderful or when your day is rotten. I have yet to meet any of these women face to face but I know I can call them friends.