***Flygirl Fridays***

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to take a course called "Flying Lessons" given by a very talented artist - Kelly Rae Roberts. It was an excellent course that covered such topics as letting go of yours fears, going after your true passion, and many other things. One of the best things about the course was, I got meet and learn about a lot of talented artists, all in on different paths, but all working towards making their dreams come true and learning to take flight. Flygirl Fridays is all about these wonderfully talented people and a little bit about them, so you can get to know them as well!

Please join me in welcoming
Sherry from Simply Celebrate!

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
Hi everyone! I'm Sherry Richert Belul and my company, Simply Celebrate, offers products and practices to help people find the gifts in everyday life. I want us all to be able to celebrate ourselves, the people we love, and the shape of our lives — even when none of those looks quite the way we had imagined! Everything I do within Simply Celebrate has grown out of my 20-year Zen practice and my great teachers — disappointment, depression, and anxiety. Happiness doesn't just land on the lucky few. It is available to all of us. My greatest passion is helping people learn that joy and celebration are practices. And by simply turning our attention to that which we love, over and over again, we can consciously transform ordinary days into an extraordinary life.


What is something that you really love, and why?
I LOVE creating a magical moment out of nothing. You know what I mean? Like when I'm in line at the supermarket and I offer to let the mom with three kids go ahead of me in line because I'm not in a hurry. And then, I tell her how beautiful her children are. (Because they truly are!). And one of the kids tells me a silly joke. And within minutes, we're all laughing and the register clerk has a broad smile on her face. Like that. Simple choices that elevate the moment. Here's two other quickie magical moments: looking my beau in the eyes when I hugging him goodbye and telling him something I'm grateful for about him or surprising my son by saying, "Let's go to the comic book store right now!" Magic is tiny actions that are mixed with our real presence and they feel momentous!

You know what else I love? Conscious, creative, and connecting gift giving. I'm on a mission to change the way we view gift giving in our society. I want to erase the adage "money talks" and return to "it's the thought that counts"! (At the end of this interview I tell folks where they can watch a video about creating the BEST gift ever that doesn't cost a dime. I want everyone to create this amazing free gift for someone they love. I promise you, it will not only transform the recipient, it will transform YOU!)


What would your dream project be?
I'm smack-dab in the middle of one of my dream projects right now! My Zen teacher, Cheri Huber, has taught us an amazing practice that is a self-mentoring program using an audio-recorder. It's all about "talking ourselves into the life we want!" The audio recorder becomes a way to instantly access our higher selves. It is also a way to comfort parts of us who are fearful, shamed, frustrated, or sad. I'm currently interviewing people who have used this practice to transform their lives and am also researching various ways that people use audio inspiration to make great shifts in their lives. From there, I'll write a book and launch a coaching program designed to help people learn how to use this life-changing practice.


What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received?
This response goes hand in hand with my response to the last question. And it is this: "We know everything we need to know. If we can just get quiet and listen to that still, small voice within us, we'll find that we have all the answers we need." That came, of course, from Cheri Huber.

My second favorite piece of advice was from a boyfriend long, long ago. I loved women who wore hats and I really really wanted to be the kind of person who could wear hats. This beau of mine said: "If you really want to wear hats then go buy a hat you like. Put it on your head. Wear it. You'll feel really awkward for a certain amount of time. But keep wearing that hat. Before you know it, you'll be a woman who wears hats." He was right! That advice is a great reminder to me that absolutely everything in life is a practice. If I want something, I just need to commit to it and it will become a part of my life.

Where does you inspiration come from?
Absolutely everything! I'm so grateful to my Zen practice of 20 years, because it has taught me that when I am paying attention and 100% present in my life, then there is so much color, joy, spontaneity, laughter, and delight. Of course, there is also pain, frustration, sadness, and disappointment, too. Orange dragonflies. Purple velvet. The smell of eucalyptus. The oomph in my stomach when I think about my son growing up and leaving home. The sound of someone playing piano wafting from a second story window as we walk by. A homeless man with bright blue eyes and his calico companion cat. An obituary about a woman named Victoria who always brought flowers to her friends. All of those things are pure LIFE. Pure inspiration.


What do you think is the biggest thing holding you back?
The biggest and only thing holding me back is when I let Squirrel-mind talk me into not doing the things that energize and enlighten me: meditation, yoga, dance, my audio mentoring program, music, dreams, etc. Whenever I team up with ole Squirrel-mind, I get scared, lazy, selfish, disappointed, and unmotivated. That's why everything in my life is designed to keep me coming back over and over again to practices that serve my best self.

What change do you think would most help your business grow?
Absolute focus! What would most serve my business is not getting distracted by all the shiny objects everywhere! And by that, what I really mean is that I have so many creative ideas I want to pursue, but what is most helpful is to dig deep in one place — not digging shallow holes all over the place!


What’s the biggest thing that you took with you from Flying Lessons?
The content delivered in that class was was invaluable and Kelly delivered truly great training. However, the biggest thing I took from the class is community! I love browsing through our Facebook group and being inspired and uplifted simply by reading the posts. I love watching how everyone supports one another. I love the feeling of sharing a creative journey with like-minded souls. I love how beautiful, unique, creative, and whip-smart everyone is. And while I'm at it, this is a great time to say a big THANK YOU to you, Kelly Mae Kreations, for your wonderful gift of this blog and your support.

Special Offer for Kelly Mae Kreations
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Anyone who commits to making a Love List for at least one person in their life in the next month can email me (Sherry@simplycelebrate.net) and I will send them a PDF of my book, Simply Celebrate. For free. I want to know that people are joining me in my mission to give gifts that are meaningful and full of love. I just know that the one act of making a Love LIst for someone will be magical for anyone who does it. Tell me about it in an email and I'll send you Simply Celebrate!

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