My new toy! A 55mm - 200 mm Nikon Lens

When you have children, you want to capture every moment. But my little one RUNS when she sees me grab the camera. With my regular lens, I would have to get up really close to her, to try to get some pics, but usually I would get the back of her head, running away. So I decided I need to get a zoom camera so that I could "capture" those moments from far away. I just received a 55mm - 200mm Nikon lens and trying to get some "cute" pics the other night. Natalie was playing with doll house, I called her name and she gave me a quick glance, but she STILL looked unimpressed. LOL. What's a mom to do?

We got her a kid camera to play with and now she goes around the house and instructs everyone else to say "cheese". It's so cute, I just had to share. :)